Student Journals

NR 323/523, International Resource Management

FOR 361/561, Native American Forestry

This online journal is a venue for students to display papers written during two courses, International Resource Management and Native American Forestry. 

Students in both courses write a research paper consisting of a literature review using primary and secondary literature, related to issues surrounding International Resource Management or Native American forestry.  Students in International Resource Management also prepare a case study analysis for their final project. 

Examples of paper topics include:

International Resource Management:

  • Land Tenure
  • Deforestation
  • International Trade Agreements

Native American Forestry

  • Wild Rice Culture
  • Use of Forest Materials
  • Forest Resource Relationships

Papers are peer-reviewed and critiqued, and finally reviewed by the instructors before being published in this on-line journal. 

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in these writings are those of the student authors, and are not necessarily endorsed by the College of Natural Resources or the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.