Please be aware of social distancing, staying 6' feet apart from others to protect yourself and others.  The Center for Desease Control (CDC) has some valuable information to help you prevent getting sick HERE.

There are 5 hand sanitizer stations located across the main campus for you to leave your empty 2oz. bottle of hand sanitizer and pick up a pre-filled bottle.

To download and print a map of these locations, please click HERE.

Please watch this short video about changes to buildings and classrooms due to Covid-19...



The UWSP Custodial Work Unit will have special duties prior to and during the return of students and educators to campus.  For a list of these special cleaning plans, please click HERE.

Please watch this short video regarding Electrostatic Disinfection...


Here is a short instructional video highlighting the use of the self-disinfecting kits that can be found in campus classrooms and computer labs.