Mail Services

Mail Services is located in the Maintenance & Materiel (M&M) building within Facility Services, and delivers campus mail from both outside and on-campus sources. Mail Services offers shipping services via SpeeDee, FedEx and USPS.  We also serve as a pick-up location for pre-paid, pre-labeled UPS packages. 

Please note: Mail Services does not handle dorm mail. Any mail for students living in the dorms is delivered directly to the residential halls by the carrier. Questions related to dorm mail should be directed to Residential Living (

Mail Services provides faculty, staff and university-sponsored organizational mail distributions to the main University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. It also has intercampus deliveries to the UWSP Marshfield and UWSP at Wausau locations. Deliveries to these branches occurs once weekly- if the material is time sensitive and immediate service is needed, mail can be posted through USPS.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding mailing services or parcels, please feel free to contact Mail Services.

8:00am - 4:00pm (Monday – Friday)
Maintenance and Materiel (M&M) Building, Room 130
1848 Maria Drive

    • United States Postal Service

    • FedEx

 Where can I get used inter-campus mail envelopes?

Inter-campus envelopes are available upon request from Mail Services.  Call 715-346-3102 or send your email request to

 Does Mail Services deliver mail to students in residence halls?

Mail addressed to students living in the residence halls is delivered directly to each hall by the utilized mail carrier (i.e. UPS, USPS, Spee-Dee). For answers to questions regarding student mail, contact the Residential Hall desk or Residential Living Office at 715-346-2397 or email​

 I want to send a large quantity of 1st class mail. Do you have some tips that might help me?

  • Keeping on-campus mail separated from international and domestic mail helps to ensure the mail will reach its destination in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Additionally, keeping handwritten addresses separated from typed addresses also ensures a higher level of operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Notify Mail Services ahead of time when sending large/oversized packages, or several totes of mail, so that the Mail Couriers can plan ahead, if need be.
  • Utilize active account numbers for departmental charge purposes.

When shipping valuable items or mail containing checks, money orders, personal information, etc., it is best to request a signature service. Feel free to contact Mail Services, for assistance in choosing the best method to meet your needs.

 How do I file an insurance claim?

Getting an insurance claim accepted can be tricky, but the following are a few helpful tips we have discovered over the years.

  • Request a signature confirmation and not just insurance. Additionally, you can also choose to have an adult signature, or a signature with ID check.
  • Notify your recipients to not sign for a package until they have inspected everything for damage.
  • If it has already been signed for, and there is damage, save all the packaging, document how it was packed, and do not approve any repairs until receiving approval of the insurance claim. The shipping company may want to send an agent to inspect. 
  • Before shipping, be sure to pack the box according to the shipping company's standards, which can usually be found on their website.

 What if I do not receive my package or mail?

Please notify Mail Services immediately by calling 715-346-3102 or sending an email to (any available tracking information must be included). Notification of a missing package must be received by our staff within 5 business days of recipient/department receiving confirmation from the carrier that the package was delivered to Central Stores/Mail Services. If Central Stores/Mail Services cannot locate the package, the costs for items/material within the package will be refunded by Central Stores/Mail Services.  All notifications of a missing package received by our staff after the 5 business day deadline will be the sole responsibility of the recipient/department.

 What is the best method of shipping?

Best shipping methods:
USPS: Best shipping method for standard letters, flats, and lightweight packages. Customers can get reduced rates for letters that have typed addresses.

Spee-Dee Delivery: Cheapest way to ship packages to the Northern Midwest area. Typically, they deliver with next-day service to this area.

FedEx: Most reliable option for International Packages.  Mail Services can work out the details for you.  This method is typically less costly when shipping heavier packages.

If unsure as to which service best suits your needs, contact Mail Services and we will assist you.

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