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The UWSP Central Heating Plant, located on Maria Drive on the north end of campus, generates all of the steam that is used on campus.  The steam produced heats our buildings and for domestic water, food preparation, process heating, campus laboratory applications and St. Michaels Hospital.

The heating plant operates 24 hours per day, 7 days each week, 356 days per year. Heating Plant employs seven full time plant operators.  There are 2.5 miles of 8” steam pipe winding across campus, alongside 2.5 miles of smaller condensate pipe that is used to recover steam.  The plant shuts down for approximately nine days immediately following spring graduation.  During this shutdown, plant operators perform maintenance on equipment that can't be done when the plant is operating. 

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Kyle Wojtalewicz​

 Are we burning coal on campus?

UWSP is completely off of coal as of March 16th 2020.  Most of the coal equipment has been removed from campus.  We now primarily burn natural gas and fuel oil will be implemented as a back-up only.

 I have heard that the steam supply is shut down on campus once per year. Why?

The annual shutdown happens immediately after the spring commencement ceremony and lasts through Memorial Day (approximately 10 days).  This planned shutdown is needed to help maintain a dependable steam distribution utility and gives heating plant operators the opportunity to clean or repair steam traps and tanks that they normally are unable to work on.  The types of services that are interrupted during the shutdown are steam and domestic hot water.

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