Majors for Teachers Offered in The Department of English


The Department of English offers a number of English Majors. On this page you will find information about the "English Major of Teacher Certification," along with information about the optional "Teacher Certification in Broadfield Language Arts." For information about the "English Major (General)" and the "English Major with a Writing Minor," click on this link.

Course Descriptions


English Minor for Teacher Certification


 English Major for Teacher Certification

Consists of requirements for the English major PLUS:
1. Writing, 3 credits from 250, 251, 253, 254, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 358, 359. (354 does not count for teacher certification.) Courses taken to satisfy this requirement may be included in the English major as an elective under 6 above.
2. Reading, 3 credits. ENGL 381 is recommended and counts as elective for teacher certification majors under 9 above. EDUC 386 can be used to meet the reading requirement for teacher certification, but it does not count toward the English major.
3. Literature for adolescents, 3 credits: ENGL 375 may count as an elective for teacher certification majors under 9 above.
4. Teacher certification majors must take ENGL 345 for the language requirement of the English major under 6 above.
5. Methods, 9 credits: ENGL 355, 356, 497, E ED 396.
6. Technology, 3 credits: ENGL 393.
7. Student teaching, 12 credits: E ED 398.
8. Seminar on Teaching, 1-2 credits: E ED 400.

Optional Teacher Certification in Broadfield Language Arts (select alternative A or B):

Alternative A:
Broadfield Language Arts Teacher Certification: Consists of the teacher certification requirements for literature/composition, plus 16 credits:
1. Journalism. 3 credits: COMM 221. 
2. Communication. 3 credits: COMM 394.
3. Theatre Appreciation. 3 credits: THEA 105.
4. English. 3 credits: ENGL 349/549. Note: For students seeking Broadfield certification, ENGL 349 will not count for the writing requirement in line 1, English Major for Teacher Certification.
5. English Education Field Experience. 4 credits of E ED 395. This two-credit class must be taken twice, once with each of the two subtitles under which it is offered (speech/theatre or journalism).

Alternative B:
Broadfield Language Arts (With Communication Major or Minor): Consists of the teacher certification requirements for literature/composition, plus the following:
1. Complete a Communication major or minor, having taken the following as electives:
a. Journalism. 3 credits: COMM 221.
b. Communication. 3 credits: COMM 394.
2. English Education Field Experience. 4 credits of E ED 395. This two-credit class must be taken twice, once with each of the two subtitles under which it is offered (speech/theatre or journalism).


Notes for Teacher Certification:

1. Because of enrollment limits in the teacher certification program, some qualified students may not be admitted to English Education courses.
2. Before applying to the program, you must have completed 12 credits of English beyond freshman English and have at least a 3.00 GPA in those credits, including transfer credits.
3. Admission will be determined by GPA in English, evaluation of a portfolio of writing, faculty recommendation, and an interview (if possible). Admission decisions will be made before the registration period for the semester in which the student applies. See the English Department for further details.
4. Also see information about the Professional Education Program and the secondary education curriculum for teacher certification in the Education section of the University catalog.

English Education Methods Block

English education majors must take a spring block of classes (second semester junior year) preceding the fall block of English methods classes (first semester senior year).
1. Spring block, 9 credits: ENGL 345, 375, 381. There are no limits on number of credits you may take in addition to these.
2. Fall block, 12 credits: ENGL 355, 356, 393, 497, and E ED 396. We highly recommend that you take no more than 15 credits during this semester.


 Four Year Sequence

1. The outline below suggests only one possible distribution of courses over four years, and does not include possible summer, interim, winterim, or extension classes. To complete the English Major with teach certification in four years requires very careful planning. Declare teaching intent in the School of Education (469 CPS) as early in your program as possible.
2. The schedule's flexibility in the first two years will vary according to placement in freshman English, math, or foreign language and according to degree type (BA or BS).
3. You must complete freshman English (either 101 and 102 or 150) before beginning your English major.



First year preferred courses: HIST 176, 177; POLI SCI 101; PSYCH 110, one Physical Science, one Life Science, and one art, dance, drama, or theatre course - all both GE and TC.

Second year preferred courses: EDUC 205; note: credit earned in listed English courses may be applied to major only once.

Third year preferred courses: Apply to the Professional Education Program by either September 22 or February 22. Note: EDUC 385 is only offered in winterim and summer. In the spring semester before your fall methods classes, you must complete the English spring block of ENGL 345, 375, 381.​

Year 1 - Fall​​ ​​​
​ENGL 101 3cr​
​Electives/Gen Ed 12cr​
​TOTAL 15cr​


Year 1- Spring​​ ​
​ENGL 102 ​3cr
​Electives/Gen Ed​ 12cr​
TOTAL 15cr​


Year 2 - Fall​​ ​
​Choose either ENGL 201 or ENGL 284, ​​​
and one period survey from ENGL 211,​
212, 212, 214
​Electives/Gen Ed 9cr​
​TOTAL 15cr​


Year 2 - Spring​​ ​
​Choose either ENGL 201 or ENGL 281,
and one period sur​vey from ENGL 211,
212, 213, 214
​Electives/Gen Ed 9cr​
TOTAL 15cr​


Year 3 - Fall​​ ​
​Two period courses in English or
American Literature at 300 level​
​Major Authors: choose from ENGL 330,​​​
333, 334, 336, 385, or 386
​Rhetorical Theory: ENGL 379 3cr​
​Electives/Gen Ed/ Certification 3cr​
TOTAL 15 cr​


Year 3 - Spring​​ ​
​Major Authors: choose from ENGL 330,
333, 334, 336, 385, or 385
​Composition 3cr​
​Language for Teachers: ENGL 345 3cr​
​Literature for Adolescents: ENGL 375 3cr​
​Reading for the English Teacher:
ENGL 381
TOTAL 15cr​


Year 3 - Winterim​​ ​​
​Teaching the Early Adolescent:
EDUC 385 (if accepted to PEP in fall)​


Year 3 - Summer​​ ​
​Teaching the Early Adolescent:​
EDUC 385 (if accepted t​o PEP in spring)


Year 4 - Fall​​ ​
​Teaching Children with Exceptional
Needs: EDU 351
​Educational Psychology: EDU 381 ​3cr
​Methods of Teaching Composition:​
ENGL 355
​Practicum: ENGL ED 396​ 1cr​
​Senior Seminar in English Education:
ENGL 497
​Technologies for English Education:
ENGL 393
​TOTAL 17cr​


Year 4 - Spring​​ ​
​ENGL ED 398/498 ​12cr
​ENGL ED 400​ 1cr​
TOTAL 13cr​


​​ ​