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Declaring an English Education Major for Teaching Certification

About one-third of our entering majors express an interest in gaining certification to teach English at some level. If you are one of them, you will need to complete two steps:

  1. Declare your English Major for Teaching Certification by coming to Collins Classroom Center (CCC) 486 and doing so. It’s easy. You’ll first be advised by the department chair, and then you will be assigned a faculty mentor or advisor who teaches in the English Education program and specializes in advising English Education students.

  2. Then visit the School of Education and declare teaching intent as soon as you can—even if your ambition is uncertain. You need the specialized advice and information related to the Education program to help you prepare to apply to the Professional Education Program at the start of your junior year.

Applying to the Professional Education Program

The first semester of your junior year might be a long way off, or it might be next semester. Whichever is the case, the most helpful piece of advice is the most obvious: do not forget that, in addition to applying to the School of Education, you must simultaneously apply to the Department of English in order to be considered for the program. A maximum of 20 English Education applicants may be accepted by the department each year. Visit the Department of English office and pick up the handout, Procedures for Acceptance into the English Education Program. Your English Education mentor/advisor can help you with preparing your application materials and answer your questions about the process.

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