Threats to Public Reputation​

Threats to the University’s public reputation, such as illegal activity by UW-Stevens Point personnel, ethical issues, environmental concerns, financial conflicts, or other public relation issues will be managed on a case-by-case basis. The below provides general guidelines to follow in the event of a threat to public reputation:

  1. Early warning to anticipate and manage threats before they develop into serious problems is critical. If one perceives a threat to UW-Stevens Point's public reputation or potential threat to reputation, contact supervisor, director, department chair, or dean as applicable. The appropriate Vice Chancellor shall then be contacted who will then inform News Services and the Chancellor. The Chancellor will determine if formulation of the Emergency Operations Team is required. The Emergency Operations Team or other individual(s) assigned by the Chancellor will be responsible for addressing and resolving the threat.

  2. Establish the facts of the situation quickly and accurately.

  3. Utilize communication principles as a guide when communicating both internally and externally regarding University matters.

  4. Ensure any victims or potential victims are secure and afforded appropriate University resources as necessary.

  5. Ensure University is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Contact UW System Administration Legal Department for assistance as needed.

  6. A strategic response is to be developed that details the remediation steps, assignment of responsibilities, and timeframe for completion.

  7. Ensure the highest ranking and/or most knowledgeable University official is available to address questions and provide frequent updates on the situation to both internal and external parties. This would include detailing the steps that have been taken and highlighting the overall strategic response.

  8. Monitor the situation continuously and provide updates to appropriate parities as necessary.

  9. Conduct post review to evaluate incident and implement preventative measures as identified.