Hostage Situation​

For any hostage situation call 9-1-1. Follow emergency procedures below.


For Those Held Hostage

  1. The initial 45 minutes are the most dangerous. Be patient, calm, and follow instructions. Don't make any sudden abrupt movements that may jeopardize your well-being. Avoid heroics. Don't threaten or intimidate. Keep a safe, non-intimidating distance. Keep your hands clearly visible.

  2. Don't speak unless spoken to and then only when necessary. Don't talk down to the captor or make promise that cannot be kept. Avoid appearing hostile. Maintain eye contact but do not stare. Treat the captor as friendly as possible.

  3. Comply with instructions as well as you can. Do not argue and be alert.

  4. Look for a place to dive or jump. Negotiations may not always be effective, be thinking about a potential escape plan for yourself and others. Move laterally away from the threat, put as many barriers as possible (e.g. desk, walls, doors) between yourself and the threat.

  5. Be observant. Try to remember all distinguishable characteristics. The personal safety of others may depend on your memory.

  6. Be prepared to answer the police on the phone should a line be patched to your location. Attempt to establish rapport with the captor. If medications or first aid are needed by anyone, say so.

For Those Outside The Hostage Situation

  1. Ensure 9-1-1 have been called.

  2. Using either the intercom or messenger, notify affected departments, classes, and individuals to evacuate away from the hostage situation. Isolate hostage area to prevent others from entering and evacuate the area.

  3. Gather all facts regarding the situation for the police. Keep notes on times, any communications from the person holding the hostage, and other witness information.

  4. Provide law enforcement with floor plan of area and arrange for any assistance as necessary.

  5. Law enforcement will take command of situation. Follow their subsequent directions until situation is resolved.

Page last reviewed: November 10, 2022

Page last updated: November 10, 2022