Flooding may include storm water building infiltration, sewer backups, or plumbing sources.


  1. In all flooding situations, be aware of electrical equipment, appliances, cords, power strips, outlets, light/appliance switches, and other electrically connected items.

    • Do not go near water that is touching or near electrical items.
    • Do not touch or go near electrical objects in contact with water. If electrical circuits or items appear to be getting wet, leave the area immediately.
    • Do not enter an area where electrical equipment or service may be in contact with water.
    • Do not contact water involving sewage backup without proper personal protective equipment.
    • Secure areas to prevent access as needed.

  2. Notify Facility Services at 715-346-4219 and University Police at 715-346-3456 for all flooding situations.

    • Try to identify the source of water and turn if off if this can be done safely.
    • Evacuate personnel to higher ground, as needed, and attempt to protect property and records by removing items from floors or covering with water resistant coverings.

  3. If the flooding is caused by torrential rain attempt to close doors and windows to prevent water from entering. Also, attempt to protect property and records by removing items from floors.

  4. Evacuation and other decisions will be made by the campus Emergency Operations Team and directions communicated to the campus. Portage County Emergency Management will be contacted to coordinate community evacuation and response in the event of a serious flood caused by torrential rain or river overflow.

  5. Facility Services will contact a restoration company, if such services are needed. Contact Risk Management for property insurance claim guidance.


University Police and Security Services 715-346-3456

Facility Services 715-346-4219

Risk Management 715-346-2053

Flash Flooding Information

National Weather Service - Turn Around Don't Drown

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