‚ÄčElevator Malfunction

Certain university buildings are equipped with elevator services. Emergency procedures involving elevators are covered below.


  • If you are trapped in an elevator, use the emergency phone to notify University Police. Elevators are linked to temporary emergency generator power for phones, alarms, and emergency lights.

  • If the phone is inoperable, turn on the emergency alarm/bell that will signal for help. Do not attempt to exit a stalled elevator unless directed to do so by University Police, Facilities Maintenance, or the fire department. If the alarm is inoperable, signal others outside the elevator by voice or other means.

  • If a person is stranded in an elevator, do not attempt to force open elevator doors. Notify University Police. Provide the following information:
    • Your name.
    • Building.
    • Floor.
    • Present situation.

  • A person stranded in an elevator needs to be reassured that his/her situation has been noticed and help is coming. Keep in contact with stranded individuals until help arrives.

  • If you find an inoperative elevator without occupants, notify Maintenance Department.


University Police and Security Services

UW-Stevens Point Facilities (Maintenance)