Contagious Disease


For UW-Stevens Point contagious disease response and resources, see below.


  1. Contact Student Health Service at 715-346-4646 in the event of an actual or suspected contagious disease outbreak.

  2. Student Health Service staff or Residential Living staff notifies UW-Stevens Point Director of Health Services of a possible contagious disease outbreak. The two primary categories are food-borne gastroenteritis (see food poisoning and food borne illness) and meningitis, which is spread by exposure to respiratory secretions.

  3. UW-Stevens Point Student Health Service Director calls Portage County Health and Human Services Department (PCHHS) with case data. They jointly determine if an epidemic is threatened and if preventive action is necessary.

  4. University Police is informed of the situation and is instructed that the situation is being actively investigated. Emergency Management is notified for emergency planning purposes.

  5. Incident description and causative agent exposure concerns are communicated by Student Health Service to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs who communicates with Chancellor to determine if an Emergency Operations Team shall be assembled.

  6. The PCHHS Department works with University Student Health Service to:
    • Notify local hospital and other health care providers of the incident and coordinate information exchange and medical and transportation needs.

    • Identify causative agent.

    • Review standing links and make available information links regarding causative agent/disease. See Communicable Disease Fact Sheets in the section below.

    • Determine isolation measures.

    • Communicate information preventive measures throughout the community.

    • Establish phone banks to provide information.

    • Triage possible victims.

    • Obtain necessary medications, supplies, location(s), and staff.

    • Set up treatment center(s).

    • Update and further advise the Emergency Operations Team.
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