Animals on Campus

Do not approach animals unless you are trained to do so. Any direct physical contact with an unknown animal, especially if it results in a bite or scratch, is serious.

If an animal has bitten, scratched or had direct physical contact with a person, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you see a suspicious animal running loose on campus, call University Police at 715-346-3456.


If an animal, such as a rat or bat is found inside a building, isolate it in a room by closing doors behind it. Keep people away. Do not try to remove the animal yourself. Call the following for assistance:

  • For removal during business hours, call Facility Services at 715-346-4219.
  • For removal after-hours, call University Police at 715-346-3456.

If you are unable to contain the animal, call University Police at 715-346-3456.

Pets on Campus

Dogs, cats and other pets are prohibited in all university buildings and arboretums except as authorized by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Risk Management.

  • Approval is required prior to the start of the activity.
  • Complete the Notification of Animal Activity form for authorization (please allow 3 weeks to process). This does not apply to police and service animals when those animals are working.

Pets are allowed outside on campus grounds if they are on a leash physically controlled by the individual responsible for the animal, except when strictly prohibited by signage. See UWS Chapter 18.08 for additional information.

Any pet waste deposited on university property shall be removed and properly disposed of by the individual responsible for the animal.

Service, Emotional Support and Therapy Animals

Student inquires for service or therapy animals on campus can be directed to the Disability and Assistive Technology Center. See the University Animal Policies webpage for:

Employee, staff and faculty inquiries for therapy or pets on campus for occupational purposes can be directed to Human Resources at 715-346-2606.

Photo of a racoon

For Animal Removal Call:

During business hours:
Facility Services

University Police


Form: Notification of Animal Activity

UWS Chapter 18.08

University Animal Policies