Evacuations of People with Disabilities​

​In the event of an evacuation, University Police and emergency personnel will check the stairwells and the building to determine if any person(s) require evacuation. The fire department will provide emergency and non-emergency evacuation services for personnel with disabilities.

If you are aware of an individual unable to self-evacuate, immediately notify 9-1-1 or the responding emergency personnel of that person’s location.

For nonemergency evacuation of disabled individuals, such as elevator failure, contact University Police 715-346-3456. They will contact the fire department nonemergency number to request evacuation assistance.


It is the responsibility of the disabled person to follow evacuation procedures.

The Building Manager, Dean, Department Chair, or Director shall ensure that the evacuation procedures are made available to all students and employees. UW-Stevens Point employees and students are not required to evacuate disabled individuals. Any assistance rendered is voluntary.

Emergency Procedure for Persons Needing Assistance to Evacuate include the following:

  1. If you are on a building floor WITHOUT exit doorways directly to the outside, and need to evacuate, immediately go to an Area of Refuge/Rescue Assistance and close the door.

    • Areas of refuge/rescue assistance may include:

      • Stairwells (preferred location). Stairwell landings are preferred because generally exit stairwells have fire prevention construction and landings provide visibility, quicker response and access for emergency personnel.

      • If unable to reach stairwell, rooms with windows to the outside and equipped with a telephone.

    • Inform or ask someone, a building occupant or manager in particular, to alert 9-1-1 of your presence and location.

  2. If possible, call 9-1-1 to ensure rescue personnel are notified of your location and:

    • Request "IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE TO EVACUATE", especially if threatened by smoke or toxic fumes;

    • Provide operator with your exact location, building name, floor and room number;

    • Give phone number you are calling from;

    • Remain by the phone. Police have radio contact with officers at the scene and will keep you informed of situation

  3. If unable to communicate or call from a safe area, get in front of a window and signal emergency responders from the window to alert them of your presence. Use towel or other means to draw attention to your location. Try to seal any cracks, vents, etc. where smoke might enter. Follow other applicable Fire/Explosion procedures.

  4. If you are on a ground floor (main floor) with exit doors, leave the building by normal means.


​UW-Stevens Point Disability and Assistive Technology Center

Important Numbers


Call 9-1-1


Call University Police at 715-346-3456