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Developing a Healthy Community Through Universal Prevention

Universal Prevention measures are designed to inform and educate an entire population by providing information and skills necessary to prevent a particular problem. UW-Stevens Point, through the Center for Prevention, requires that all new students (first-year, transfer, and graduate students) regardless of life experiences, participate in these efforts. 

If you have questions about the Universal Prevention requirement, please email us at the Center for Prevention​.

All new students (first-year students, transfer, and graduate students) are required to complete the online, interactive program, described below. 

Students who are required to complete the Universal Prevention programs will receive customized e-mailed invitations to their email account. Students will receive the first e-mail invitation to participate a few weeks before the semester starts (after August 15 or after January 15). The deadline to complete is the end of the fifth week of the semester. Students who do not finish the course will be expected to complete a 3-hour, in-person education class for which they will be charged $100.​

Think About It

Think About It is an online course that prepares students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Focusing on minimizing risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence, Think About It takes a harm-reduction approach that resonates with students and results in a healthy campus culture.​

Frequently Ask Questions:

  • What is Think About It?

    • Think About It is an online course that focuses on minimizing risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence. Think About It takes a harm-reduction approach that resonates with students and results in a healthy campus culture. The course is available online so you can use any available device with Internet access to complete the course.

  • When can I do the Think About It course?

    • In the middle of August, all new First-Year, Transfer, and Graduate students received an email with instructions about how to complete the course. The course will need to be completed by the end of September. 

  • Who must complete Think About It?

    • Every new student to include transfers, graduates, and new first-years need to complete the Think About It course.

  • Why do I have to take this course?

    • The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) believes that there is a responsibility in being part of the Pointer community. The Think About It course will educate you on how to make appropriate decisions not just for yourself, but for those around you. Living in a healthy community will create an environment that will help you reach your personal and academic goals.

  • If I don't drink, do I still have to complete Think About It?

    • Yes. Whether you drink or not, you will very likely encounter other students who drink or talk about drinking. The course provides information about coping with others' drinking behavior as well as responding effectively in situations where others are at risk of alcohol-related harm (e.g. alcohol poisoning, drinking and driving). The Think About It course provides personalized guidance through the course based on what students already know about alcohol, and/or how much they drink. If you do not drink, the materials you receive will provide specific information tailored to you.

  • Are my answers to question confidential?

    • Yes, the responses to questions in the course are confidential. No one will ever be able to connect you with your responses. UWSP will only receive a notice that you have completed the course.

  • Do I have to take the course? 

    • Yes! All new students are expected to complete this course. UWSP is committed to teaching all students about low-risk alcohol use and bystander intervention to reduce the chance of harm to you and your fellow classmates.

  • Where should I go if I am concerned about alcohol and other drug use for others or myself?

    • Students can visit the Center for Prevention or the Counseling Center. The Center for Prevention is located in the Suites@201. To schedule an appointment, please call 715-346-2789. The Counseling Center is located in Delzell Hall. To schedule an appointment, please call 715-346-3553.

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