Red Folder Project

Helping faculty and staff respond with care and concern is a critical factor in supporting our students and a healthy campus community.

​How You Can Help Students

  • ask.JPGIt's okay to ask a student about what you have notices and express concern.
  • Be specific about the behavior that worries you.
  • Trust your instincts.

  • Listen with an open mind.support.JPG
  • Ask questions to help understand the situation. 
  • Acknowledge thoughts and feelings.
  • Offer hope and help.

  • Provide information about resources and encouragerefer.JPG help-seeking.
  • Offer to help the student connect resources.
  • Always share your concerns with the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Respect the decision to accept or followup.JPGrefuse help (except in emergency situations).
  • Check in with the student during the next class or by email.
  • Practice self-care. Seek personal support as needed.

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff
Want to learn more about how to have a meaningful conversation with a student in distress? How to support a student who is a Veteran? We can help! Check out our professional development courses or schedule a time to chat. 

Request a Red Folder Presentation

We would love to visit with you and your staff about our office, the types of life circumstances and behaviors to share with our office, and to share resources for supporting our students.

Request a Red Folder, Poster, or Handout

The Red Folder Project aims to put process and resource information into the hands of those who can be immediatley helpful to a student in need: you, our faculty and staff. Request yours today!


To see what is included, select from below.

Stevens Point Campus Red Folder (being updated)

Marshfield Campus Red Folder

Wausau Campus Red Folder

Share Concerning Behavior

You can tell us! The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permits communication with others who have a legitimate education interest about student issues and concerns.

Care and support of our student depends on you reaching out to the student directely and your sharing of information with the Office of the Dean of Students. We can help you as well as coordinate response and resources for the student.