For Families

Your student has started something amazing, but they are not alone. Parents and families play an important role in the success of their students, and our faculty and staff are here to help.

Alcohol and Drugs
UW-Stevens Point is dedicated to helping students understand how the issue of substance abuse affects academic, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Parents and families play an important role in the success of their students. You can find information for parents at the Center for Prevention.

Care at UW-Stevens Point
Families, fellow students, faculty, and staff play a critical role in recognizing and supporting students who might be in distress. Whether attending class in Marshfield, Stevens Point, or Wausau, we are here to support all of our students. See the list of resources shared here, encourage your student to ask for help, and be sure to let us know what is going on. You can reach our office at 715-346-2611 or

Bias and Hate Incident
As an institution dedicated to engagement, responsibility, respect, inclusivity, and civil discourse, UW-Stevens Point is committed to ensuring a safe, welcoming community for students, faculty, staff, and guests. Acts of bias or hate are an offense against us all and will not be tolerated at UW-Stevens Point. If your student has a concern, it would be important for them to connect with a member of the Hate/Bias Response Team or our office. 

Interpersonal Violence
Interpersonal violence is the broad term often used to reference acts of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, or sexual harassment. UW-Stevens Point is committed to preventing all forms of interpersonal violence through the work of the Center for Prevention and responding if concerns arise under Title IX

Family Portal

Wondering about important dates and looking for updates from campus? You can sign up to receive important information and personalize what you see on the UW-Stevens Point Family Portal

Referring Your Student

If something is concerning or there is a crisis at home, please let us know. Our goal is to understand what is happening and assist your student with support and resources. Contact us to ask a question or schedule a time to talk. You can reach us at 715-346-2611 or

There are many great resources on campus and in our community to support students in need. Arranged by concern, please visit our resources page as a first step. If you don't see a particular type of resource, contact our office and will do our best to help. Contact us at 715-346-2611 or

Student Conduct
Every community has guidelines for appropriate behavior, and so does UW-Stevens Point. Students are expected to abide by Housing and Residence Life policies if they live on campus, rules about academic integrity and other policies, plus understand that they are members of a larger community.We are not able to discuss specific student situation unless your student has given us permission in writting. If there is a concuct concern, your student will be notified and they should respond to the person who sent the notification.