Food Waiver

Food Waivers need to be submitted when a product is being provided by vendors not affiliated with UWSP

On Point Catering hereby allows the undersigned person(s)/group to provide outside food service on the date specified provided:
  1. an insurance certificate is provided by the outside vendor covering the liability for any and all perishable food OR
  2. event insurance requirements are completed through the UWSP Safety and Loss Office a minimum of two weeks prior to the event for perishable food provided by individuals OR
  3. the group agrees to provide only non-perishable food that does not need to be maintained at proper hot or cold temperatures AND
  4. the undersigned person(s)/group agree to pay for any and all costs incurred in set-up and or clean up of the function AND
  5. the undersigned person(s)/group shall indemnify and hold harmless On Point Catering, its officers and employees, UWSP and the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System against any and all claims for loss, injury or damages to persons or property, arising from activities conducted by them or their guests on or in UWSP buildings, properties or facilities.
  6. the undersigned person(s)/group shall provide a certificate of insurance for the event before approval is granted.

I understand and agree to the policies indicated above for our event.

✓  Pick Up Menu

Prior to requesting a food waiver, please check out our Pick Up Menu. On Point Catering will supply a variety of pick up food items for your event with one weeks notice.