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Adventure Tours offers three ​types of trips:

  • Multi-Day Trips: Our Multi-Day trips are typically week long adventures that consist of a schedule built to give you the best experience possible! Whether you are looking to take a trip to New York City, Yosemite National Park, or even explore Europe, we've got you covered!

  • Daycations: These are one day trips that are designed to help enrich your mind with fun local adventures that are never more than a bus ride away. We go to Brewers Games, tour wineries, and explore what Wisconsin has to offer!

  • Customized Trips: ​Our customized trips are designed to provide a tailored experience for your group! Whether that be a company retreat, family reunion, or any other group event, we've got something for you!​

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Referral Bonus & Discounts on International Multi-Day Trips: Receive $50 off your tour for each traveler you refer. If you refer three people then you get $150 off your tour, etc. The referrals can be family, friends, co-workers, etc. UWSP students and alumni get a $50 discount. The referral bonus and all other discounts will be applied to your final payment.​​

Insurance: UWSP does not provide travel insurance, medical insurance, or emergency evacuation and thus you are 100% responsible for these expenses. We strongly advise you purchase travel insurance (and possibly supplemental medical insurance) as soon as possible because some insurance providers only guarantee certain benefits within a short time after you made this tour deposit. You can learn more and compare travel insurance companies on this website:​                                  

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