Meet the curator

  Dr. Ray Reser

Ph.D. Archaeology and Paleoanthropology

Curator of Anthropology and Archaeology

Applied Experience

Students gain applied experience in field and laboratory settings working with a wide variety of historic and prehistoric artifacts from around Wisconsin and beyond.

​Contact the Curator

Ray Reser
Office: SCI D314A
Fax: (715) 346-4213

Collection Overview

The Anthropology collections include material culture examples from North and South American and around the globe. Archaeological artifacts consist primarily of prehistoric Native American, and historic Euro-American specimens from central Wisconsin.

Dr. Reser's Current Research:

Dr. Reser’s current research includes the documentation of a Late Paleo-Indian kill site in north-central Wisconsin, an examination and analysis of a Late Paleo-Indian cremation burial in central Wisconsin, and connections with Canadian sites containing similar lithic artifacts sourced from the same quarries in Jackson County Wisconsin, Thunder Bay, and Knife Lake Ontario. Additional projects include collaboration with the Menominee Language and Culture Commission on the creation of the first map of traditional Menominee territories, landforms, surface waters, and place names within Wisconsin entirely in the Menominee Language.