​Student Opportunities

Students have volunteered to work in curation (assigning numbers, taking measurements, transferring information, and describing and identifying fossils on each block) and some have earned bio 399 credit (which may count as experiential learning). Students’ schedules would need to be coordinated with when Pat is available as they work with her in the collection. Students interested in working in the paleontology lab should contact Pat at 715-677-4710. 

​Current Research

The current collection contains about 10,000 specimens, with about ¾ of those specimens documented and recorded in Excel. Current work includes curating the rest of the collection. 

Contact the Curator
Picture of Curator Pat Zellmer
Pat Zellmer
Email: pzellmer@uwsp.edu

Emeritus Curator of Paleontology

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point​