​Student Opportunities

There may be opportunities for students to get involved in this collection. For more information, contact Dr. Justin Sipiorski at jsipiors@uwsp.edu. 

Want to work with live fishes? The Ichthyology and Aquarium Science Society of Stevens Point (IASSSP) student organization offers opportunities to club members and the general public to gain experience and knowledge in ichthyological and aquarium methods and techniques including field experience through surveying trips, research experience through projects with preserved specimens, and aquarium maintenance experience through working with live fishes. For more information and pictures of the live fish lab, look at their SPIN page.

​Current Research

Current projects in the ichthyology lab comprises of sampling fishes on a regular basis to monitor local fish biogeography and collecting fish tissues for research using fish DNA. Additional research is conducted on many local ichthyological issues spanning the past 50 years using recently collected specimens and those housed in the fish collection. Many of Dr. Sipiorski's students also work on various fish husbandry projects in the ichthyology lab, and recently they have focused the lab activities on husbandry and breeding of tropical species that could be of use in future aquacultural applications and several local species important in the baitfish industry. 

Contact the Curator

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Justin Sipiorski
Office: TNR 437
Phone: (715) 346-2275
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Email: jsipiors@uwsp.edu

Curator of Fishes
Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D. Zoology, Ichthyological Systematics. Southern Illinois University Carbondale