Student Opportunities

There may be opportunities for students to get involved in this collection. For more information, contact Dr. Peter Zani at 

Current Research

Dr. Zani's research interests are in the temperate zone and understanding how animals cope with extremely seasonal environments, especially winter, and the implications of climate limitations and how a changing climate might alter those limitations for individuals, populations, and species. Dr. Zani's approach combines field work, mostly on side-blotched lizards in the high desert of eastern Oregon, semi-controlled outdoor mesocosm experiments of enclosed cohorts of lizards, and controlled-environment laboratory experiments here at UWSP.

Contact the Curator

Peter Zani
Office: TNR 444
Phone: (715) 346-2237
Fax: (715) 346-3624

Curator of Herpetology
Assistant Professor of Biology 

Ph.D. Biology-University of Oregon