Careers in GIS

The potential for practicing geography in private enterprise and government has grown considerably in recent years, although few such positions are designated with the title of Geographer or GIS Analyst. Listed below is a special issue of UWSP Geo News that describes job and career prospects with a degree in Geography or Geoscience.  Further below, please find more information about representative occupational titles.

UWSP Geo News | Special Jobs and Careers Issue

Agricultural Geographer
Air Quality Analyst
Airlines Researcher
Area Specialist
Cartographic Technician
Community Development Analyst
Community Planner
Conservation Scientist
Computer Mapping Specialist
Economic Development Analyst
Editorial Work and Publishing
Environmental Management Specialist
Geographic Analyst
Geographic Engineer
GIS Analyst/Technician                                
GIS Heath Care Developer
GIS Health Care Specialist
Geographic Planner​

Hazardous Waste Planner
Industrial Developer
Intelligence Analyst
International Economist
Land Economist
Land Use Planner
Location Analyst
Map Analyst
Map Curator
Map Librarian
Marketing Analyst
Newspaper Research Analyst
Park Ranger
Political Analyst
Real Estate Planning & Research Specialist
Regional Planner
Remote Sensing Analyst
Research Analyst
Research Coordinator​
Research Geographer
Research Planner
Resource Economist
Sales Facilities
Site Researcher
Soil Conservationist
Soil Geographer
Terrain Analyst
Tourism Developer
Transportation Planner
Travel Consultant and Planner
Urban Planner
Utility Mapping Analyst
Weather Forecaster
Web Master
Zoning Administrator​