Internship benefits

  • Gain practical real world experience, by applying skills learned in your courses and on the job.
  • Network with professionals in your field for references and future job opportunities.
  • Develop an understanding of professional responsibilities and effective working relationships.
  • Reaffirm your career goals.
  • Earn university credit toward graduation.
  • Build your resume and increase your marketability after graduation. 

How it works

We encourage everyone to participate in an internship but students with a minor in forest recreation and/or captive wildlife, a major in land use planning, a major in soil and land management, and/or a major in waste management are required to complete an internship. A general guide on applying and completing an internship is listed below. Please see your Internship Coordinator for specific details on your discipline requirements.

1) Get to know your Internship Coordinator(s)

Your internship coordinator will help assist you in the process of finding and completing your internship.

2) Attend an internship orientation meeting 

Watch for internship orientation meeting notifications through email, the CNR Reporter, CNR Twitter page, or contact your internship coordinator

3) Apply for positions 

Locate relevant internship positions through Handshake, through the CNR Reporter, your internship coordinator, or by registering for position announcements through QUEST. Soil and Waste Management majors will apply and be assigned to internships through their respective disciplines.  
It may be possible for you to initiate your own internship. If you are interested in working with a particular agency (private, state, municipal, or federal) you are familiar with you must provide your Internship Coordinator with the name and phone number of an agency contact. Your internship coordinator will contact the agency to determine if they would be receptive to participating in the UW-Stevens Point internship program. If so, they will facilitate the process of establishing the position. It also may be possible for you to receive intern credits for internships organized and administered outside the campus. Contact your Internship Coordinator for details. 

4) Finalize your internship 

Work with your intern coordinator and employer to finalize internship details. Complete the CNR Internship Application. Once your online internship application is complete, it will be sent to your Internship Coordinator for review. If approved by your Internship Coordinator, your internship application will be sent to the CNR Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for final consent.

5) Complete your internship 

Generally all interns are required to submit a project proposal, progress reports, evaluations, and a final paper/project to obtain credit. Contact your Internship Coordinator for specific details on what will be required of you during your internship.