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​Wisconsin Environmental Education Board

A State Board to Promote Environmental Education in All Segments of Society

Promoting environmental knowledge and skills...

The Wisconsin Environmental Education Board invites you to join in the efforts to help all Wisconsin residents, youngest to oldest, enhance their personal and collective knowledge and skills.
  • Environmental education (EE) promotes a balanced analysis of social, economic and ecological needs.
  • EE helps develop citizens who are committed and able to work for natural and built environments capable of supporting diverse needs.
  • EE challenges teachers and students alike to study in and out of the classroom and to discover solutions to real-world problems.
  • EE provides Wisconsin business and industries with trained professionals who understand that our social and economic systems are heavily dependent on natural resources; and that the quality of these resources impacts the tourism, agricultural, manufacturing, and service sectors of our economy.
The WEEB continues to promote environmental education in all segments of society, striving to set a course for the future. The WEEB recognizes progress is directly dependent on the collective action of countless individuals and institutions across the state who desire to build upon Wisconsin's history of citizen involvement and commitment. Already over 650 Wisconsin organizations are engaged in EE. We hope you will join us!