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​​Kevin Masarik

Groundwater Education Specialist

Contact Information

Phone: 715-346-4276
Office: TNR 224E





Kevin Masarik is an integrated specialist in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and University of Wisconsin - Madison, Division of Extension.  His extension teaching focuses on groundwater and drinking water quality education targeted towards populations served by rural residential well water systems.  Other aspects of his work include understanding the relationship between agricultural landuse and water quality, geologic related groundwater contaminants, and utilizing the Center's well water data to educate the public about important groundwater quality concerns where they live.


PhD, Environment and Resources, University of Wisconsin - Madison

MS, Soil Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison

BS, Water Resources, Minor in Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Select Publications 

McGinley, P., K. Masarik, M. Gotkowitz, and D. Mechenich. (2016) The Impact of Aquifer Geology and Anthropogenic Acidification on Groundwater Phosphorus. Applied Geochemistry. 72:1-9.  

Luczaj, J.; Masarik, K. Groundwater Quantity and Quality Issues in a Water-Rich Region: Examples from Wisconsin, USA. Resources 2015, 4, 323-357. doi:10.3390/resources4020323

Masarik, K., Norman, J. and Brye, K. (2014) Long-Term Drainage and Nitrate Leaching below Well-Drained Continuous Corn Agroecosystems and a Prairie. Journal of Environmental Protection, 5, 240-254. doi: 10.4236/jep.2014.54028.

Masarik, K. 2009. On-site water reuse systems: Using water to its full potential (G3882). University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension Publishing Unit. 

Masarik, K. 2007.  Improving Your Private Well Water Quality (G3826). University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension Publishing Unit.

Masarik, K.C., J.M. Norman, K.R. Brye, and J.M. Baker. 2004. Improvements to measuring water flux in the vadose zone. J. Environ. Qual. 33:1152-1158.

Online Media Outreach 

WisContext Articles

Wisconsin Public Television - University Place. Nitrate in Wisconsin's Groundwater. Wed Nite @ the Lab Lecture Series. January 20, 2016.

Wisconsin Public Radio - Larry Meiller Show. Guest appearances for Kevin Masarik.

Recent Events/Presentations

Groundwater & Well Water: Towns of Armenia and Port Edwards. July 17, 2018



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