Handcrafted Cedar Signs & Benches

For over 30 years, Schmeeckle Reserve has been designing and constructing personalized cedar signs and benches for nature centers, parks, forests, wildlife areas, camps, businesses, communities, schools, homes, cabins, and trails. Western red cedar is a naturally lightweight and rot-resistant wood that lasts for decades. All signs and benches are handcrafted by talented UW-Stevens Point students who work at Schmeeckle. All proceeds directly support Schmeeckle Reserve.

Whether you're looking for a unique personalized gift or a rustic sign to advertise your site, Schmeeckle Reserve cedar signs are the perfect choice.

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Discover more about cedar signs below:

How are they made?

Sign PaintingAll of our cedar signs are designed, constructed, hand-carved, hand-routed, and hand-painted by talented UW-Stevens Point student staff hired by Schmeeckle. We personalize your sign with words and pictures provided by you, or you can tell us what you're envisioning and we'll find the perfect picture to match. We then give you a free design layout and cost estimate.

If you choose to purchase a cedar sign, the fabrication process is started. We cut, plane, and join together 2-inch or 4-inch thick Western red cedar boards, depending on the size. Metal rods are drilled through large signs to ensure a tight fit. Your layout is then traced onto the wood.

Schmeeckle artists route the letters and borders and carve the pictures with beautiful detail and depth. The sign is painted with long-lasting and vibrant exterior latex paint. An exterior penetrating stain brings out the rich color and grain of the wood.

Cedar signs can be designed in nearly any shape, size, or carving. Just contact us, and we will be happy to discuss any options with you.


How long do they last?Sign Albee's 

To ensure longevity and durability, the highest quality materials are used. Western red cedar is handpicked for top grade and natural beauty. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and the elements, lasting for decades. To maintain a freshly constructed look, penetrating stain should be reapplied every 3-5 years. Many prefer the natural aging look of cedar, which turns gray and blends with the natural environment over time.

Every 5-10 years (depending on the location and orientation of the sign), the painting will need to be refreshed on a cedar sign to avoid a faded look. For a minimal cost, we can remove the old paint and stain on your sign, touch up any carving, repaint the words and pictures, reapply stain, and make it look brand new again. 


How much do they cost?Deer

The cost of a cedar sign is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Size, thickness, and shape of the sign
  • Number and size of lettering
  • Number and complexity of graphics or logos
  • Complexity of carving and painting
  • Custom additions (borders, special paints, supports, brackets, etc.)

Every sign project is different and unique. For a free accurate cost estimate and layout, see Design and ordering information below.

 Design and ordering information

To request a free design and cost estimate:

  • Download the Cedar Sign Work Order, which has the information that we need to provide an accurate design and cost estimate. Fill out as much of the information as you can.
  • E-mail the work order to us at and be sure to include your contact information. We will respond within a week.
  • You can also stop by the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center to view several samples of cedar signs, tour the cedar sign shop downstairs, and fill out a work order. Just ask at the front desk.
  • If you have any questions, call us at 715-346-4992. We will ask you for contact information and several questions about the type of sign you would like.


Note: Turn-around times for cedar signs depend on the size, complexity, and number of orders currently being constructed.