Environmental Education Background Information & Research



    Outdoor Education Research Summary


  • The Outdoor Education Research Summary summarizes research on the benefits of outdoor education for students. Links to specific research papers are provided at the end of the document.
    Outdoor Education Research.pdfOutdoor Education Research Summary
  • National Wildlife Federation, September 2010: Back to School/Back to Outside
    This report summarizes the available studies on the role of outdoor learning programs and outdoor play time in furthering children’s overall education: improving their lifelong learning skills, prospects for career success and school test scores. Link
  •  Environmental Education and Training Partnership Program - What is EE? Link
  • Closing the Achievment Gap: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning
    This report, prepared by the State Education and Environment Roundtable, is the story of the schools, teachers, and students who are involved in implementing EIC programs (using the Environment as an Integrating Context for learning). It presents the results of a nationwide study; describes the major concepts and assumptions underlying EIC; explores a range of successful EIC programs across the; United States; identifies the major characteristics of successful EIC programs; and, analyzes the implications of EIC-based education for student learning and instruction. Link


    Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

  • Environmental education at school forests can help meet many academic standards including math, science, language arts, social science, environmental education, agriculture education, art and design education, and family and consumer education. To go directly to the environmental education standards
  • The Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB) website provides templates (blank correlation grids) which you may use to correlate your own activities, lessons, and/or curricula with the model academic standards: Link


     Environmental Education Organizations and Agencies