Got Questions?

Extra Resources to Satisfy Your Curiosity

Websites About Mammals

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Info on the life histories, habitats, and skulls of North American mammals

Wisconsin DNR's EEK Critter Corner

Great basic info about some of Wisconsin's mammals

National Wildlife Federation's eNature

An online field guide to mammals found in North America

UWSP Mammals of Wisconsin

In-depth info about the mammals found in Wisconsin

Animal Diversity Web

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology students created this in-depth guide to wildlife

Websites About Birds

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Neat info on the birds of North America, inlcuding their calls and songs

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

Updates on birding events, news, and research in Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR's EEK Critter Corner

Great basic backgrounds on some of the common birds of Wisconsin

Websites About Reptiles and Amphibians

Wisconsin DNR's EEK Critter Corner

Basic info about the reptiles and amphibians found in Wisconsin and examples of their calls

USGS's Field Guide to Amphibian Larvae and Eggs

In-depth info about identifying amphibian larvae and eggs

Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey

Great photographs and info about amphibian populations in Wisconsin

UW Sea Grant's Frog site

Wonderful info about frogs and their calls

National Wildlife Federation's eNature

A field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of North America

Websites About Insects


Provides in-depth info about the lives and ID of North American insects

The Field Museum's Creepy Critters Website

Gives some interesting info on underground insects and worms

Websites About Wildflowers

Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium

Detailed info on the plants of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Herbarium

Great monthly info about what common wildflowers are blooming

Websites About Trees

Herbarium: Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Identification and info on all the trees and shrubs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR

Brief info and sketches of Wisconsin trees


This site includes a tree key, fact sheets, and simple info on Wisconsin species

Wisconsin DNR: EEK!

A great site with interesting info on the trees and plants of Wisconsin

Miscellaneous Websites

Wisconsin DNR's Checklist of Vertebrates

Lists of all the vertebrate animals that live, or once lived in Wisconsin

Wisconsin DNR: EEK! Fish

Info about the fish you might find in Wisconsin

Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium: Mosses

Detailed info on the moss species of Wisconsin

Herbarium: Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Info on ferns, clubmosses, and horsetails


Further resources about phenology and how it can be used in the classroom

National Park Service: Wisconsin's Glacial Legacy

Background on how glaciers affected Wisconsin