Zoning Webinars

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Role of the Zoning Board of Adjustments/Appeals

This webinar covers decisions typically assigned to the zoning board of adjustment or appeals, including variances, administrative appeals, and conditional uses. It takes a closer look at the quasi-judicial role of the zoning board and how their decisions impact communities.

Land Use Training & Resources

Land Use Training & Resources offers access to online education modules about plan commissions and zoning boards and the role they play in land use planning and management. It also provides a variety of information and resources, including community outreach examples, for municipalities interested in expanding their communication through digital processes.

Plan Commission Handbook 

The Plan Commission Handbook is designed to assist the plan commission, local government officials and citizens in understanding the roles and responsibilities of the plan commission and related decision-making standards.

Zoning Board Handbook

The Zoning Board Handbook is intended to assist zoning board members, local government officials and citizens in understanding the role of the zoning board and the procedures and standards with which their decisions must comply.

​Overview of Zoom Connection Options

Zoom Participant Instructions - Downloadable PDF file. Includes links to additional Zoom Help.