​ZONE! The Land Use Game

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​Fun and interactive, this activity is designed for those who know little about land use planning and zoning. Participants learn by developing two communitites, one unplanned and one planned. Discussion explores the issues and challenges of community growth and change, and community cooperation and conflict.

This game can also be used to explore economic development, provision of services such as transportation, aging communities, wealth and poverty, etc.

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduce the concepts of land use planning and zoning
  2. Understand that:
    • conflict between land uses can occur
    • can be difficult to avoid conflict over time
    • growth and change have implications for rural land uses, such as agriculture and forestry
    • some land uses take up more space than others and may have a larger overall impact on the community
    • all communities may have locally unwanted land uses (LULUs)
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 Game Contents

​Game Contents

- 1 Facilitator Guide

- 2 Player Quick Reference Cards

- 2 Game Boards (3 x 4 ft.)

- 80 Player Packets (20 blue, 20 green per game board)

- 642 Land Use Cards (321per game board)

- 20 Growth Cards (10 per game board)

 Replacement Game Cards

Need more You Write cards? Lost a few houses? Download a printable pdf file to replace missing cards. Each pdf file is designed to print on 8.5 x 11. You may want to use a light weight card stock for better handling and durability.

You Write cards    

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