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Wisconsin Lakes Partnership 2012 Convention Archive

Thursday Workshops

April 12, 2012


Lake District Commissioner Training

Do you feel a little unsure about your role as a lake district commissioner? Whether you are new to your lake district or a seasoned lake district commissioner, this workshop will help you sort through the requirements of being a commissioner and operating a lake district. Topics covered include: how to comply with open meetings and open records requirements, running board meetings and annual meetings, voting requirements, and communicating with members. In addition, we will also cover lake district budget specifics, bookkeeping practices, and funding methods, including mill levies, special charges, and special assessments. Participants will receive a copy of “People of the Lakes: A Guide for Wisconsin Lake Organizations,” and have a chance to examine and discuss its contents.
  • Jeff Thornton, Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
  • Judy Jooss, Past Wisconsin Association of Lakes President and Powers Lake District Commissioner (county)


County Lakes and Rivers Associations Roundtable

Join us for a roundtable exchange with representatives of county lakes and rivers associations. Others involved in county matters or interested in learning more about countywide association operations are welcome too. This roundtable is an opportunity to network with your peers in an informal setting and bring forward topics that you would like to discuss. Does your organization have an exciting project, success story, or helpful resources to share? We’d also like to hear your perspectives on current issues and challenges your county’s lakes and rivers face. Plus, we’ll explore ways to collaborate regionally on issues that affect our waters.
Presenter: Earl Cook, President, Wisconsin Association of Lakes

Clean Boats, Clean Waters and Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Training

Volunteers have been an integral partner when it comes to protecting Wisconsin lakes. With so many water bodies and so few state resources, we rely heavily on volunteer efforts to educate boaters about aquatic invasive species (AIS), how to prevent their spread, and how to monitor for invasives that have taken hold on our lakes. Join the ranks of the thousands of volunteers who have been trained to conduct watercraft inspections and invasive species monitoring! We will discuss the latest AIS, what can be done to prevent their spread, and how you can get your community involved. Sharpen your boat landing outreach skills by role playing and discover the subtle differences between native and non-native invasive aquatic plants and animals. Manuals will be provided to those making a commitment to conduct watercraft inspections and/or invasive species monitoring.

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