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​Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

2007 Convention Archive

Speakers & Special Events


​Dr. John Magnuson

Friday, Plenary Session

"Changing Strategies in a Changing Climate"

Everyone’s talking about it…climate change. The climate is changing and this change will affect the lakes of Wisconsin. Join Dr. John Magnuson, nationally renowned researcher on climate change and Wisconsin lakes, as he charts a course into the unclear future of Wisconsin’s water resources. The changes that are in motion will demand strategies and actions to deal with the climate effects on freshwater ecosystems.

Emeritus Professor and past Director of the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John is one of our nation’s premiere limnologists. His research interests focus on long-term regional ecology, aquatic ecology, climate change, biodiversity and invasive species. John is recognized internationally in the field of lake science and was the recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. John’s work has included the assessments of lakes and streams for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ "Confronting Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region."

Peter Annin

Friday, Plenary Session

"Water Wars"

Water is one of our most treasured resources. The idea of limited water is common elsewhere, but unheard of in the Great Lakes states…or is it? Join former Newsweek correspondent, Peter Annin, as he provides groundbreaking insight into the battle to protect one of North America’s most valuable natural resources. His new book, The Great Lakes Water Wars, has been called the definitive book on the Great Lakes water diversion controversy. Peter will explore the hidden history and precarious future of the highly controversial Great Lakes water diversion issue. What’s the connection between Great Lakes and inland lakes? Join us and find out.

A veteran journalist in conflict and the environment, Peter Annin spent more than a decade reporting on a wide variety of issues for Newsweek magazine. He specialized in coverage of domestic terrorism, including the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco and the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. He also covered droughts in the Southwest, hurricanes in the Southeast, wind power on the Great Plains, forest fires in the West, recovery efforts in the Great Lakes, as well as the causes and consequences of the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. He currently works as Associate Director of the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources, a nonpartisan national nonprofit that organizes educational fellowships for environmental journalists.

Jeff Maxted

Thursday, Lunch

From Eurasia With Love - Aquatic Invaders in Wisconsin Lakes

The introduction of an exotic species is one of the most irreversible forms of environmental change.  Learn how state agencies, local groups, and scientists are working together to prevent emerging invaders from inhabiting your favorite lake.
Jeff Maxted is a research specialist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Center for Limnology.  Originally from Iowa, Jeff's interest in lakes grew while acquiring his Masters degree in Environmental Monitoring at UW.  For the past 3 1/2 years he has been working with Dr. Jake Vander Zanden at UW-Madison on water quality issues and invasive species research.  

Lisa Conley

Thursday, Dinner

A Lady of the Lakes: A Journey of Leadership, Volunteerism and Citizen Involvement.

Lisa Conley’s concern for the health of her lake has led her on a remarkable journey. Lisa starting with working locally on pressing issues for her lake, she understood that solutions would be found by working for fundamental changes on a larger scale. Lisa became a founder of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, a president of the Wisconsin Association of Lakes and the first citizen president of the North American Lake Management Society. Join this paddler and pot thrower on an inspiring journey of discovery, passion and spirit in the world of freshwater lakes.

Casino Night

Friday, 8:00 pm-?

Agents of Change in the year 2007...yes…it made us think of Bond…James Bond.

To celebrate our convention theme and the year double-0 7, we bring you Casino Night. Of course, "Casino Night is too much for one James Bond," so gather up your fellow agents and do some reconnaissance at the Lakes Casino. The Friday evening festivities will include live music, free beer and food, and a chance to try your luck at our no risk, just for fun, highly entertaining Blackjack, Texas Hold ’em and Roulette tables.

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