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​Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

2007 Convention Archive

Afternoon Workshops

 Thursday, April 26
 2:00 - 5:00 pm

​H. Lake-Friendly Development: How to Make it Work in Your Community

Wisconsin’s lakeshores continue to see new development and re-development, and the best interests of the lakes are not always considered in the process. In this interactive session, you will learn how development can be done in a lake-friendly way and how you and your local lake group can play an active role in the decision-making process to ensure that lake protection is a top priority.
Moderator:  Ezra Meyer, Wisconsin Association of Lakes
Panelists:  Paul Radomski, MN Department of Natural Resources; David Swan, Legacy Land Group; Becky Frisch, Langlade County Land Records and Regulation; Buzz Sorge, WI Department of Natural Resources

I. Take ’em Fishing! Angler Education

Taking kids fishing is a great way to help them make connections between good habitat, good fishing and lakes. This workshop will highlight the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Angler Education program. The program is perfect for adults wanting to offer fishing programs and adventures along the water’s edge, as it easily lends itself to the after-school club setting as well as summer enrichment and traditional classroom formats for Grades 4-8. Get hands-on training and free materials aligned to state academic standards and scout badge requirements.
[Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available]
Limit: 30
Presenter: Theresa Stabo, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 

J. Amazing Comebacks: Shoreland Restoration

What does it take to change a green lawn into a home for wildlife and a place where water gets cleaned? Come and find out! This shoreland restoration workshop will provide step-by-step instructions on how to develop a plan, prepare a site, choose appropriate native plants, plant them, and maintain the restoration. Learn about shoreland erosion prevention techniques, when you need a permit, how to navigate through the permit process and funding opportunities.
Presenters:  Mary Jo Gingras, Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, & Iron Counties Land Conservation Department; Jean Hanson, Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Department; and Tom Melnarik, Natural Resources Conservation Service

K. Lake District Commissioner Training II: Budgets and Financing

Are you often overwhelmed by the financial aspects of running a lake district? In this workshop we will sort through lake district budget specifics, bookkeeping practices, and funding methods including mill levies, special charges and special assessments. (A morning workshop will cover lake district commissioner responsibilities, annual meetings and other topics.)
Coordinators: Judy Jooss, Wisconsin Association of Lakes and Jeffrey Thornton, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission 

L. Aquatic Plant Identification: At the Root of a Healthy Lake Ecosystem

Learning more about the aquatic plants in your lake is not only fun, but it can help with a myriad of undertakings from developing an Aquatic Plant Management (APM) plan to applying for a grant, or just being satisfied with a positive identification. Learn from experts while working with samples of Wisconsin’s common aquatic plants.
Limit: 25
Fee: $30 (includes materials such as the book 'Through the Looking Glass')
Presenter:  Susan Knight, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

M. An Introduction to Lake Management Planning

New information, better methods, changes in technology and new funding programs make planning for the protection, restoration or enhancement of our State’s lakes an evolving process. This introductory workshop will explain the basics of lake planning in Wisconsin. Aimed at lake organizations as well as professional service providers, the workshop will show you how to get started, how to determine what type of planning you need, the best methods for collecting and analyzing information, and how to use lake grants and other resources to support your efforts.
Presenter: Carroll Schaal, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Esther Letven, Cloverleaf Lakes Protective Association 

N. Get to Know Your Neighbors: Frog and Toad in the Afternoon (also offered in the Morning Workshop Block)

When’s the last time you’ve been up close and personal with a live frog? Spend some quality time with Wisconsin’s frogs and toads. Visit with live mink frogs, chorus frogs, bullfrogs and nine other species. Learn to identify these lake residents, learn their breeding calls and their habits throughout the seasons. Why is the population declining and what about these abnormalities? Come and find out. Learn how to organize and lead a fun "frog night hike" for families and others.
Presenter: Randy Korb, Environmental Educator

O. Clean Boats, Clean Waters: Volunteer Watercraft Inspection

The Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteer watercraft inspection program provides an opportunity to learn how and why educational awareness is so important in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS). This workshop will provide you with an overview of AIS, instructions on how to organize an effective volunteer watercraft inspection program, and hands-on training for watercraft inspections and AIS identification. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to purchase a handbook and resource toolkit (available on-site for $25).
Limit: 25
Coordinator:  Laura Felda-Marquardt, UW-Extension Lakes

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