Industry Partnerships

Our department is actively partnering with local businesses and non-profits in the CNMT 480 capstone course. Each semester, teams of 3-4 students, under the supervision of a faculty mentor, work closely with organizations to analyze technology needs, design, code, and implement solutions -- all at no cost to the organization. Clients in the CIS and HTI programs included the Paper Science Foundation Inc., Portage County Humane Society, Sentry Insurance, Marshfield Clinic, Stevens Point Rotary Club, Pointe Precision, Skyward, the Association of Professional Communication Consultants, the Northern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, the Noel Group, Engineers & Scientists of Milwaukee and others.

Last year the CNMT department and the AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) student chapter hosted a number of industry professionals who provided students with an overview of trends in computing and in digital media and provided students with mentoring and networking opportunities. Several speakers visited the CNMT department and made presentations to the students and faculty: Susan Weinschenk from Human Factors International, Zach Stepak from Influxis, Adam Zucchi from Popular Front, Derrick Oien from Chumby Industries, Mike Meeks and Dave Peters from the Noel Group.

We continue to promote and support employer-sponsored student internship programs in CNMT. Some of the partner businesses include Sentry Insurance, Marshfield Clinics, Liberty Mutual, Pointe Precision, the Noel Group, Skyward, Portage County Government Center, Harley Davidson, Jockey International and others.