Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Interested in getting new ideas about teaching from peers around the institution? Want to try something new, but not sure how to get started or how to decide whether it’s working? Join a CITL Learning Community. The overarching goal of a learning community is for instructors to make informed changes that increase the effectiveness of their teaching with the support of a community of peers. The specificity of those changes will be directed by the participants themselves, with the learning community intended to provide collegiality, guidance, and resources.

Things to know:

  • Each learning community will meet at regular intervals for 60-90 minutes.
  • Each meeting will be loosely structured to accommodate the community-building desired by the participants.
  • Participants are also encouraged to work one-on-one with CITL staff for specific guidance on their individual projects and/or goals.
  • Each learning community is limited to eight participants.
  • Learning communities will meet at times that best fit the scheduling needs of participants.
  • CITL will provide professional development funds to all participants.
  • At the end of the year, participants’ projects and/or reflections will be shared on the CITL website.

Selection criteria:

Only a limited number of participants can be selected to participate in each learning community. Application will be evaluated, in part, on the strength and thoroughness of your answers to the questions on the application form. However, our selection of participants will also be guided by our desire to assemble learning communities with members from a variety of disciplines and colleges.

Past Participants

Faculty Learning Community

Cortney Chaffin
Becky Gathje
Stephanie Lyon
Melissa Maier
Sarah Scripps

Teaching with Technology Learning Community

Malek Alkasrawi
Karyn Biasca
Nisha Fernando
Jennifer Huffman
Vera Klekovkina
Terri Muraski
Holly Petrillo
Marian Trzebiatowski

Retention Teaching Learning Community

Valerie Barske, CITL Faculty Fellow
Cary Elza
Troy Espe
Roland Gong
Patricia Gott
Jennifer Huffman
Laura Lee
Sarah Orlofske
Saemyi Park
Holly Petrillo
Sarah Ross
Eduardo Gregori Selles
Erin Speetzen
Susan Turgeson

Inclusive Pedagogy Learning Community