Student Organization Services

 Change Fund Requests

Change funds are provided by the Bursar’s Office for use by student organizations and departments. Please note that you will pick up/return the change fund to the Bursar’s Office in the Student Services Building.  
Change Fund Request Form

 Dues Collection

Would you like UIT to collect dues for your organization? Let us know with this form: 

 Registration Sign-Up

·           On-campus events 

·        Off-campus events  

 Spin Card Reader Rental

 Ticket Request

Want UIT to sell tickets for your next event? Forms must be submitted at least 1 week before the beginning of the ticket sales.

 Trip Sign-Up

Would you like UIT to collect fees for your next organization trip or registration fees? Please complete this form:

 Usher Request

Collecting money at an event and need some help? The University Centers will pay for the cost of up to two Ushers per event. If additional Ushers need to be requested the cost is $8 per hour per usher. CASE has the right to require additional Ushers for safety purposes. Ushers must be requested when charging admission for an event. Therefore, if a change fund is requested for an event, Ushers must also be requested. Organizations may not bring their own money as change for paying customers. If organizations do not have a change fund and Ushers, they may not charge for the event. However, organizations that are putting on sales (e.g., bake sales, brat sales, holiday sales, etc.) do not need Ushers present for the sale. In these circumstances, only a change fund is needed. 

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