General Campus Policies - Posting/Promotions

UW-Stevens Point is a public institution and its reputation and image must be protected. Therefore, the following policy is applicable to the granting of advertising, sponsorship and promotional rights to nonuniversity entities. The UW-Stevens Point policy on advertising covers advertising in publications, including electronic publications, published by or on behalf of a UW-Stevens Point department, college, program or unit. Publications that are produced by others on behalf of a UW-Stevens Point unit are subject to the policy.

Nonacademic university publications include, but may not be limited to, programs for cultural, theater and other performing arts events; programs for athletics events, staff and student directories; visitor information and alumni magazines.

Academic publications include, but may not be limited to, school and college brochures, periodicals and bulletins, timetables and course catalogues.
Advertising is defined as all advertising in or on UW-Stevens Point publications (including electronic publications) or other university communications media, signage, property or material.

The UW-Stevens Point advertising policy applies to any advertisement, signage, label, logo, packaging, imprint, sales promotion activity or device, public relations material or events, merchandising or other activity or communication.

UW-Stevens Point has the right to refuse advertising that it considers unacceptable. For example, advertising is unacceptable when it:
  • Conflicts with university policies
  • Adversely affects UW-Stevens Point’s reputation
  • Appears to create an endorsement by UW-Stevens Point of a particular company, product, political candidate or position regarding public policies
  • Is considered to contain obscene, indecent or profane material
  • Ridicules, exploits or demeans persons on the basis of their age, color, creed, handicap, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation
  • Promotes tobacco products
  • Promotes alcohol and/or alcohol related products 
  • Promotes violence