General Campus Policies - Campus Vending Operations



Campus Vending Operations

Effective August 1, 2015 vending services for UWSP are provided by contract with a subsidiary of Compass Group USA.

UWSP has collaborated with Canteen to place machines on campus that are Energy Star compliant. Additionally, machines with refrigeration are power cycled off in the evenings and on/off peak times to conserve electricity.

UWSP Campus Recycling asks your cooperation in placing used beverage containers in the recycling collection receptacles on campus. Our campus recycles all # 1 and #2 plastics, and aluminum containers. 

UWSP has established funding for the campus recycling and sustainability operation based on vending sales. Campus recycling operations will receive funding to help offset operational costs for collection and recycling of beverage containers.

In an effort to reduce the total amount of PET plastic used on campus, UWSP has eliminated the sale of bottled water through vending machines. We encourage you to bring your own bottle and fill it at home or at any water fountain on campus. 

Canteen Service Locations

Snack and Beverage machines are located in most campus buildings. All of the machines are equipped with card readers to allow the use of the PointCard, or credit cards as a means of payment.

Refund or Service Issues

University Information & Tickets can refund most machines on campus if the request is made within 24 hours of the shortage. However, if the shortage is more than change or a dollar (i.e. for a $5 or a $10, etc. we will take the customer name and number and we will have to call the vendor for verification before giving the refund.) If you lose money in a vending machine or the wrong product vends, please record the machine number, location, and product in order to receive a refund at University Information & Tickets.