Volunteer Registration for the April 25th & 26th drive is open!


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Blood Drives

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Every drive, volunteers are needed at the registration table and in the canteen area.  If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please email Alexis at sieodrive@uwsp.edu or stop by SIEO!

Registration Volunteer

  • Greet donors when they come in
  • Answer any questions donors may have, or direct them to someone who can answer their question
  • Register donors by taking their name and keep track of number of people coming through the door, if needed
  • Give instructional materials and provide direction to next stage in donation process

Canteen Aide

  • Receive donors from donation area
  • Offer food to donors; donors are to get their own food, but inform them what food is available
  • Provide evaluation forms to donors and collect them when donors are finished
  • Keep a watchful eye over donors; watch for individuals who look ill, weak, or disoriented (this is a donation reaction)
  • If a reaction occurs, find a nurse immediately to appropriately assist the donor