Manage My Org

Login to the UW-Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN) (

SPIN is an online system which among other things allows student organizations to update and maintain organization rosters and their officers as they change. It is important to keep up-to-date information on display for your organization.
All members can view the organizations SPIN page. However, only those with the appropriate permissions have administrative access to parts of the page, including the roster and officer listings. If you are the current president and you are unable to access the administrative functions, please call (346-2174 or 346-4700), email ( or stop at the Student Involvement and Employment Office to gain access. It is essential that you update your information so that a current organization profile is made available to students and others interested in your organization.
To open your organization:
1.    Click on the Organizations tab at the top of the page
2.    Search your organization name of use one of the other filters to find your organization.
3.    Click on your Student Organization Name.
To update the officers:
4.    Click on the Roster tab in the gray bar.
5.    Click on Manage Roster.
6.    Click on Edit Positions next to the name of individual you wish to add or remove as an officer.
Q: What if the new officer is not currently listed?
A: You will need to invite this individual to join your organization first.
1.    Click on the Invite People button.
2.    Enter the new officer’s email address.
3.    Click Add E-Mail Addresses
4.    Select the desired officer position from the Invite as dropdown.
5.    Click Send Invitations.
This will send an email invite to the new officer. They will need to follow the instructions in the email to join the organization and accept the position.
Q: What if the officer’s position is not listed?
A: You will need to create the position first.
1.    Click on the Manage Positions button.
2.    Click on the +Position button.
3.    Enter the position name.
4.    Select the Position type. Most positions will have the position type of Officer.
5.    Choose whether to show the position on the public roster page.
6.    Keep the Active box checked.
7.    Assign the needed permissions (if any). Use the Limited Access feature to assign permission to individual parts of the page.
8.    Click Create.
9.    Follow the instructions in the “To Update Officers” section above.
Note: Newly created positions will take some time to generate in the system. This can take between 5 and 20 minutes.
Q: What if I do not want this officer to have permissions, what if I want this officer to have more permissions?
A: You have full control to delegate permissions in SPIN.
1.    Click on the Manage Positions button.
2.    Click on the position you need to edit.
3.    Select Limited Access.
4.    Assign the needed permissions.
If you have any questions, please call (346-2174 or 346-4700), email ( or stop at Campus Activities and Student Engagement.