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Student Message of the Day

To submit an announcement, visit to get started. Students can submit a Student Message of the Day announcement (that will be sent to students); however, groups wanting to submit a Message of the Day that will be sent to faculty/staff will need to work with the organization’s faculty/staff adviser.
Messages are approved and sent daily. Messages are sent as received, so make sure to proofread before submitting.
All Messages of the Days have the following restrictions:
·         A recognized student organization and/or University department must sponsor an event
·         Individual messages may not be posted (i.e. petitions, apartments for rent, etc.)
·         Messages must be in good taste
·         No public forums will be permitted
·         Messages must coincide with all policies
The University holds the right to reject content of the posting based on these guidelines. Refer to UW-Stevens Point email policies for guidelines on submitting messages, found here:
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