Entertainment, Attractions and Lectures

To protect students from legal liability, all official arrangements with artists, entertainers, lecturers, agencies, etc., are made by the Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE). If your organization wishes to contract with someone to present a program on campus you must:

  • Pick up a pre-contract worksheet from CASE prior to your discussion with the artist/lecturer OR go on-line at
  • Contact artist/lecturer and answer as many questions as possible on the front side of the pre-contract worksheet.
  • Return the pre-contract worksheet to CASE. Once the worksheet has been completed, the CARO arranges for an official contract with the artist/lecturer. (The pre-contract worksheet is not an official contract.) Upon receiving a signed official contract from the artist lecturer, the CASE will arrange for payment by check, to be picked up by your organization the day of the program. (If your program occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, please pick up the check on the Friday prior to the event.)

Legally, no UW-Stevens Point student can negotiate, ask for, or sign the artist/lecturer service contract. This should be done by a University official (specifically, the Campus Activities and Student Engagement, 050 DUC, 715-346-4700.) Arrange your program entertainment at least six weeks before the program to ensure time to get the check for the night of the event. It reflects poorly on your organization if you can’t pay the artist/lecturer on the date of the program.


To make arrangements to show a film/video, contact CASE. Current listings and costs of movies/films are available upon request in CASE. Please make your movie arrangements at least six weeks prior to the showing to ensure enough time for the paper work.

  • Note: It is a violation of copyright law to show films/videos for a public performance without permission and/or without payment of public performance fee. Any exhibition of an entertainment movie outside the privacy of a home setting is considered a public performance. If you plan to show a movie, your organization will need to contract for its use.