Greek Life

What is Greek Life?

Greek Life at UWSP includes four fraternities and four sororities. These organizations are always looking for quality members who have the potential to succeed

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Sororities and fraternities on the UWSP campus are student lead organizations and offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community. Each chapter provides leadership within its organization. Members can serve on committees or hold an appointed or elected position. There are also opportunities to be a leader for the entire Greek community through participation in the Inter-Greek Council (IGC). The members of our community also participate in a variety of student organizations. The leadership skills gained by sorority and fraternity members have also help our members in their work life. Many on campus employees, including those in University Dining Services and the Student involvement and Employment Office, are members of our Greek Community.


The Greek Community recognizes students attend a university for academic reasons. We expect our members to adhere to the academic standards put forth in the IGC constitution. Each organization has a required grade point average for their members, and each chapter must have an average GPA of at least 2.5 to remain in good standing. Organizations also offer a support system for students struggling with their academics. Each chapter has an elected position dedicated to the academic success of their organization and IGC also has an elected position dedicated to the academic success of the Greek Community.

Community Service

Community Service is a big part of Greek life. Individual Chapters participate in their own service events, which include volunteering, raising money, and hosting events. The Inter-Greek Council also has an appointed chair position in charge of organizing service events in which the entire Greek community can participate. This past year UWSP Greeks volunteered a total for 1978 hours! They also donated over $1430.


The Greek community at UWSP provides all its members with a valuable support system. Greek organizations are founded upon the ideas of sisterhood and brotherhood. Membership in such an organization lasts a lifetime, as does the support and friendships that it brings. Each chapter provides a sense of community and belonging, while still encourage members to broaden their horizons, and providing them with the opportunities to do so.