Greek Life

Inter-Greek Council

Inter-Greek Council (IGC) is the all Greek governing body for Greek Organizations on our campus. It consists of elected officers and appointed chair members from the Greek Community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Inter-Greek Council shall be to promote unity and goodwill among Greek organizations, to act as an aid in the advancement of academic success and to enhance the community of Stevens Point through philanthropic and service projects while promoting brotherhood and sisterhood among individual IGC members.

Purpose statement

The purpose of IGC shall be:
  1. To assist and strengthen Greek social organizations, hereafter referred to as chapters, individually and collectively in the achievement of their worthy purposes and scholarship.

  2. To provide a medium for exercising self-government and regulation of Greek affairs.

  3. To encourage further development and expansion of the Greek life on campus.

  4. To act as a liaison between chapters and the University administration.

  5. To foster fellowships and good will among the chapters and the student body as a whole.

  6. To promote the best interests of the University.
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