Greek Life

How to Join

So you are ready to take the next step towards membership in a Greek lettered organization? This step-by-step guide with Dos and Don'ts will make sure you know what to expect.

  1. Attend Meet the Greeks. 
    Meet the different organizations! For times, dates, and locations check out the organizations on SPIN!

  2. Attend recruitment events.

    DO: Attend recruitment for most or all sororities (for women) or fraternities (for men).

    DON'T: Join the first organization you meet.
    Remember: membership in a fraternity or sorority is for life. This is not a decision that should be made lightly. Take the time to get to know the different organizations and think about where you fit!

    DO: Ask questions! (What is the minimum chapter GPA? How much does it cost? What is the time commitment?) Ask any and all questions you have!

  3. Accept a Bid!
    After recruitment events are over, organizations will distribute bids (an invitation to become a member of their associate class). For most organizations acceptance of a bid is marked by attending an Induction Ceremony, where you will officially become a member of that organizations associate class.

    DO: Be honest with your organization. Talk to them about any questions or concerns you have before accepting the bid.

  4. Complete the Education process
    Every organization has a different education process. They vary in length and content but usually last at least 4-6 weeks. The education is designed to teach you the skills and resources you will need to be a successful member of your organization.

    DON'T: Let education get in the way of your class work.

    DO: Speak up if balancing the education process is too challenging. Chapter members can help you with time management skills.

    DO: Use this time to work on your time management skills. It is a characteristic of great leaders!

    DON'T: Participate in an activity where you feel uncomfortable. Speak up, say something. Tell your friends or report the incident to CASE.

  5. Become an initiated member of your organization!
    Congratulations! Organizations mark this event with an initiation ceremony, where you become a full member of the organization
    The entire process takes anywhere from half a semester to a whole semester!

    DON'T: Compromise your values for membership in an organization. You know what's right and wrong. Stick to your beliefs and you will be a strong and successful leader.

    DO: Report any hazing to the university!