International Student Employees

Most international students are eligible to work on campus. However, few international students are eligible to work off campus. You will find jobs continually posted on our web site. Stop by the Student Involvement and Employment Office for assistance.

Note: All international students, except permanent residents, interested in working off-campus must contact the International Student and Scholars Office. This is for your protection and to ensure your eligibility to stay in the country.

All students who work on campus must have proof of their eligibility to work. If you plan on working while attending UWSP or have already located a job, you will need to apply for a Social Security card. This document is required by the University for all employees.

VISA Status Definitions and Eligibility

​Status ​Definition ​Eligibility On Campus Eligibility Off Campus
Permanent Resident​ ​Someone who has migrated to the US but is not yet a citizen ​Yes ​Yes
​F-1 ​Non-immigrant student with a personal funding or sponsorship ​Yes ​Must apply and receive permissions form to the BCIS.
​F-2 ​Dependents of F-1 students ​No ​No
J-1 ​Exchange visitors sponsored by an approved agency ​Yes ​Must receive permission from exchange visitor's sponsoring agency.
​J-2 ​Dependents of J-1 exchange visitors ​Yes ​Must apply and receive permission from the BCIS.
​Re/Post Graduation Practical Training ​Opportunity to secure practical experience in student's major ​Yes ​Must go to the FSO for help in applying for Employment Authorization Document.


Tips for Working on Campus

  1. Dress appropriately for your interview. It is better to be too dressed up than to look untidy.

  2. Be on time or early for your interview.

  3. Ask questions! They are important!

  4. Always be on time and prepared for work.

  5. If you have questions about your work, ask your supervisor or your co-workers.

  6. DO NOT do your homework at your place of employment.

  7. Only make personal telephone calls when you have permission.

  8. Don’t make work time, personal time. (e.g. friends shouldn’t visit while you are working.)

  9. Apply your campus job experience to future career goals.

  10. Have fun and get the job done right, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!