Campus Activities & Recreation (CARO)

CARO offers a variety of resources for student organizations. For additional information, you may call 715-346-4343.
Contracting for Entertainment, Attractions, and Lectures
To protect students from legal liability, all official arrangements with artists, entertainers, lecturers, agencies, etc. are made by the Campus Activities and Recreation Office. To ensure enough time, events need to be planned at least six weeks ahead of time so the contract can be completed and the payment can be arranged.
Student organizations must:
·        Complete a pre-contract worksheet through the Campus Activities and Recreation Office (found online:
o   Note: A representative from the student organization will need to contact the agency being contracted with to complete the questions on this worksheet
·        Return the completed pre-contract worksheet to the Campus Activities and Recreation Office.
The pre-contract worksheet is NOT an official contract. The Campus Activities and Recreation Office will arrange for the official contract and payment, after the office has received the completed pre-contract worksheet. Payment will be handled by check and will be available for pickup by the student organization on the day of the event. If the event happens on a weekend, payment will need to be picked up during business hours on the Friday prior to the event.
Legally, no UW-Stevens Point student can negotiate, ask for, or sign the contract. Signature will come from a University official in the Campus Activities and Recreation​ Office.
Contracting for Films
To show a film of any kind, contact the Campus Activities and Recreation​ Office​ at least six weeks prior to the event. Current listings and costs of films are available at the Campus Activities and Recreation Office. It is a violation of copyright law to show films for a public performance without permission and/or without payment of a public performance fee. Any exhibition of an entertainment movie outside the privacy of a home setting is considered a public performance.
Student Message of the Day
To submit an announcement, visit to get started. Students can submit a Student Message of the Day announcement (that will be sent to students); however, groups wanting to submit a Message of the Day that will be sent to faculty/staff will need to work with the organization’s faculty/staff adviser.
Messages are approved and sent daily. Messages are sent as received, so make sure to proofread before submitting.
All Messages of the Days have the following restrictions:
· A recognized student organization and/or University department must sponsor an event
· Individual messages may not be posted (i.e. petitions, apartments for rent, etc.)
· Messages must be in good taste
· No public forums will be permitted
· Messages must coincide with all policies
The University holds the right to reject content of the posting based on these guidelines. Refer to UW-Stevens Point email policies for guidelines on submitting messages, found here:
In order to comply with State of Wisconsin statues pertaining to the handling of state money and to protect the student organization from potential financial conflict of interest, ushers are required for events when admission is charged. The Campus Activities and Recreation Office hires and trains ushers specifically in the areas of money handling, customer relations, conflict resolution, and event management. Usher requests must be made at least two weeks in advance and the form can be found online:
The University Centers will cover the cost of up to two ushers when student organization events are held in the Dreyfus University Center. Outside of the Dreyfus University Center, organizations will be charged for usher services at a rate of $9.00 per hour. The Campus Activities and Recreation Office reserves the right to refuse late requests and/or require additional ushers for safety purposes.
Campus Reservations
Concourse Tabling
Concourse tables can be reserved through the Campus Reservations Office.
Concourse Banners
Concourse banner space can be reserved through the Campus Reservations​ Office. Student organizations can request and purchase printed banners by completing the form​ on the Student Involvement and Employment Office website.