​The Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) is dedicated to standardizing Finance, Human Resources, and Research Administration business processes and implementing Workday and Huron Research Suite, integrated, cloud-based technology systems, at all UW System campuses. The end result will be a more resilient administrative environment that advances the UW’s mission of research, teaching, and outreach.

Why ATP?
Campuses across the UW System rely on outdated, disconnected technology and supplemental systems to complete vital administrative processes and tasks. This creates security risks, limits our access to reliable data, increases staff burden, and hinders the UW from fulfilling its mission.

ATP Benefits
Following the implementation of standardized processes and new technology, all UW System campuses will benefit from:
  • Streamlined and simplified administrative functions
  • An improved user experience for administrative staff
  • More trustworthy data to inform decision-making
  • Reduced risk related to audits and information security 
Our Approach
ATP is guided by those who know best: UW’s dedicated faculty and staff. We work closely with subject matter experts from all UW System campuses every step of the way, from business process redesign through validation, implementation, and support.

Learn more at the UW System ATP website.