Hike the Grand Canyon 


September 22-27, 2018



The Grand Canyon receives millions of visitors every year and is commonly toured by bus, train, jeep, helicopter, and raft; however, these guided trips do not offer a comprehensive understanding of the depth and vastness of this truly majestic place. Only a lucky few actually experience the canyon from Rim to Rim, which is limited to travel by foot and/or mules. This tour offers you a 6-day Grand Canyon adventure with a 2-day guided hiking expedition through the heart of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim, down to the Colorado River, and up to the North Rim (with an overnight stay at the renowned Phantom Ranch). If you are interested in a unique challenge of body and mind, if you enjoy being physically active and are looking for a life-changing experience, then join us on this adventure! It might be time to check off another item on your bucket list!



Tour Leaders

Carie Winn - Director of Development for the UW-Stevens Point College of Professional Studies. As a college student at UW-LaCrosse, Carie arranged and led numerous wilderness trips in the western part of the country (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico). Since graduating, she has led wilderness trips for both children and adults, beginning shortly after completing a National Outdoor Leadership School wilderness educator program out of Tucson, AZ. Carie has also led trips through Voyager Outward Bound, week-long backpacking and mountain biking wilderness trips in Rocky Mountain National Park, and 30-day wilderness therapy program trips for one year in West Virginia for at-risk youth. Most recently, Carie co-led the Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim I 2017 tour in Sept.

Annie Wetter - Professor of Nutrition at UW-Stevens Point. Annie has explored many mountainsides, hiking throughout the Sierra Nevada, the Dolomites of Italy, the Rockies, and to the top of Mt Whitney. She has backpacked in boots and on XC skis out West and has cycle toured with her husband through the low and highlands of Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Annie led the New Zealand Adventure II 2014 tour, co-led the Mallorca cycling tour in 2002, as well as several study abroad trips to Austria. Annie is excited to share her hiking and outdoor experience along the inner/outer canyons of Grand Canyon National Park.

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